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With NRSNG Academy app you have access to your NRSNG Academy account as a mobile app.

2,500+ Nursing Resources

Study care plans, cheatsheets, mnemonics, flashcards, medical images. The app contains over 2,500+ study tools in an easy to navigate layout. 

 NRSNG Clinical Library contains the resources from the NRSNG Academy Library. Perfect for quick study and reference material on the go.

4,500 NCLEX Practice Questions with Rationales

NRSNG Clinical Library is free to members of the NRSNG Academy. Log in with your same Academy login and get immediate access to the entire NRSNG Academy Library. 

700+ HD Videos Lessons With Outlines

Access the entire NRSNG Academy video library including complete HD videos lessons with associated resources and videos.

View the videos on the go, read the outlines, and study the lesson resources . . . just like you do on the web version.  

nrsng academy app

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Using the NRSNG Academy App requires membership in the NRSNG Academy. The best way to use the NRSNG Academy is online. Using the app will not give you access to your study plan or favorites. The mobile app is a great way to look up and study material quickly, it is not intended to replace online study sessions.